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Our company 

Rip N Sip makes CBD accessible, and easy-to-use for everyone.

We love hemp! Like, really love hemp, so much we even own six boutique hemp farms.

We also understand how important it is to keep things natural, convenient and sustainable.  So, rather than creating a bulky, pre-mixed CBD beverage full of sweeteners, artificial flavors and preservatives, we created the perfect alternative…

A grab-and-go, neutral-flavored, single serve packet of water soluble CBD you can mix directly into your drink without impacting the taste.

Our Story 

Rip N Sip is built for convenience.
Our pre-measured packets offer an easy-to-use solution for enjoying CBD.

How much to use, how to measure it, store it, sanitize it, not spill it…? These are some of the most common questions people ask when it comes to CBD. Our goal; eliminate the confusion and hesitation that makes CBD so mystifying to the average person. No measuring. No guessing. No worries.

Our promises 

Quality. Convenience. Sustainability.
From seed to SIP.

RIP N SIP was built to be a superior quality, convenient, pre-dosed water soluble CBD that you can take anywhere, and mix with anything. We promise to always be responsible, reliable and trustworthy.

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EQuality from seed to sip 

From how our hemp is grown, extracted and emulsified, to the packaging and assembly process, we control the quality at every step.

cbd on the go convenience

Grab + Go Convenience 

RIP N SIP’s water soluble CBD comes in pre-measured, portable packets that are extremely easy to use and super convenient to take with you anywhere. Simply rip it, mix it, n’ sip it.

eco friendly cbd

Eco friendly sustainability 

Growing our own hemp, avoiding wasteful packaging and no bulky products to transport, we are truly invested in ensuring RIP N SIP is eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable.