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Delivering Happiness. 

We love hemp! Like, really love hemp, and we understand the importance in consuming products that are all natural. So, rather than creating a beverage full of sweeteners, high calories, and artificial preservatives, we created a neutral-flavored, single serve packet of water soluble CBD, that can be freshly mixed into your favorite drink, without affecting the flavor. 

Oil to Water Conversion- We blend all natural, allergen free* ingredients, with a touch of some science, to “magically” convert hemp oil, into our water soluble drink mix known as RIP N SIP.

Quality Assurance / Food Safety- In order to insure our customers safety, we hired a 3rd party to analyze, document, and certify the critical control points at every stage of our manufacturing process. From raw ingredients, to production, packaging & storage. Our products are consistently produced, and controlled in accordance with high quality, food grade standards.

Hemp Source- RIP N SIP currently operates six sustainable boutique hemp farms across Illinois & Wisconsin. Being fully integrated allows us to preserve product control while maintaining high standards from seed to sale. “ It’s simple, we don’t allow harmful pesticides, or bad vibes on our properties.” Joe Prior, CEO of RIP N SIP.

*Allergen Free- Our ingredients do not contain Milk, Egg, Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Peanuts, or Soybeans.


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