CBD + California

CBD + California


I’m an ABC-licensee

Am I allowed to sell CBD products at my ABC-licensed premises?

Yes, you can.

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Official Statement from ABC Code Enforcement

“You can sell industrial hemp derivatives in food or beverages, but not in alcohol”.

According to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)
If a nonalcoholic beverage or other product containing industrial hemp CBD is manufactured in accordance with the Sherman Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law, an ABC licensee can sell or use these products on their licensed premises. (Reference question #7 on abc.gov )
California Legislative Information

The era of CBD prohibition is over in California! Thanks to Assembly Bill 45 (AB-45) you can now LEGALLY sell hemp products in California. To save you some time, we have summarized the bill. AB-45 affirmatively authorizes the sale of hemp CBD as a food and beverage ingredient.

Local Code Enforcement

If you would like further clarity or reassurance directly from ABC, reach out to your local ABC Code Enforcement Devision via email with a reference to abc.gov question #7. You can find your local ABC District Office contact information here.


How do I start selling CBD products in California?

No additional permitting is required.


If you’re currently operating a legal business in the state of California registered and in good standing with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) you are ready to start selling CBD.

Special CBD Tax?

No. Industrial hemp CBD is not subject any special excise tax. However, they are subject to ordinary sales and use tax which is collected by the retailer. 

CBD + Alcohol

Can I infuse (or mix) non-alcoholic beverages with CBD?

Yes. CBD may be added or infused into non-alcoholic beverages including but not limited to “mocktails”. Be creative!

Can I infuse (or mix) alcoholic beverages with CBD?

No. Industrial hemp CBD may not be added or infused into alcoholic beverages, on the licensed premises.

ALL THE “feels”

CBD may help support;

  Peace – Relaxation – Focus

Zero Hangover | Zero Intoxication | Zero Carbs

Winter CBD cocktail
CBD for Peace

CBD may allow you to feel a bit freer, and more composed, offering a subtle sense of peace throughout the day. In fact, you may feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. This sensation is often a result of reduced anxiety and stress.

CBD for Relaxation

Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness in America. While statistics show that anxiety is estimated to affect 40 million Americans over the age of 18, many of these same people are turning to natural alternatives like CBD to help support their mood. You’re not alone, the most common types of anxiety include Panic Disorder, PTSD-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and others. CBD promotes a calming effect without the “high” of THC.

CBD for Focus

Distractions & focus must be taken seriously to avoid threatening our ability to think and focus in a a noisy, fast-paced world. Did you know that supporting healthy focus is one of the top reasons people reach for CBD? This comes with good reason since Millennials are twice as likely as Boomers to feel the quality of their work suffers after being distracted by a phone, computer or mobile notification. In fact, more than 40 percent of Americans say they experience pressure and anxiety when unable to complete work as a result of distraction. CBD may help calm your mind, which prevents overwhelming feelings and information overloads.


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Common Questions


CBD = Cannabidiol

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found in hemp. That's it! Oh, one more thing, science has a special name for this type of chemical compound called "cannabinoid."

Cannabinoid Who?

Cannaibinoids are natural chemical compounds found in both hemp and the human body. Think about that one.


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You and CBD Were Made For Each Other

It all starts by understanding that every function in our body requires balance, or homeostasis, to perform at maximum capacity. Did you know that all humans have endocannabinoid systems? This makes us perfect for processing cannabinoids.  

The difference is slight in order to distinguish the two. Phytocannabinoids are found in hemp. Endocannabinoids are poduced within everyones body. Phytocannabinoids mimic the functions of your endocannabinoids.


Homeostasis refers to any process that living things use to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival, and or optimal functioning.

Endocannabinoid System

Have you ever heard of your Endocannabinoid System (ECS)? Well, everyone has an ECS and and whether you are aware or not, your ECS plays a big role in your everyday life. You see, pain, stress, appetite, energy, metabolism, cardiovascular function, reward, motivation, reproduction and sleep are all functions of the ECS. Your ECS actually helps your body maintain homeostasis with the help of “messenger” molecules called cannabinoids.

Your ECS has an abundance of receptors throughout your central nervous system (CNS). Two of the most recognized receptors are Cannabinoid-1 (CB-1), and Cannabinoid-2 (CB2) which are responsible for a variety of brain functions. In fact cannabinoid receptors are an essential component of the body’s endocannabinoid system. Think of  CBD as the equivalent of food support for your endocannabinoid system (ECS), and keeping your ECS happy helps achieve homeostasis. which ultimately helps you to achieve your homeostasis. 



Will CBD Cause me to Fail a Drug Test?

How to Avoid a Positive Drug Test.

Avoid product containing any THC.

The best way to avoid a positive drug test is by verifying that your CBD does not contain any amount of THC. Always ask the manufacturer for a 3rd party lab test confirming that there is zero, or a non detectable level of THC.

Farmers - Verteran Approved CBD

How Drug Tests Work

Will CBD Cause me to Fail a Drug Test?

CBD will not show up in a drug test because drug tests do not screen for CBD just like they don't test for wheatgrass. In fact, an article published in 2020 shows drug tests typically focus on the following substances: Amphetamines, Alcohol, Cocaine, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis (THC), Opiates.


You Hold the Power

Not everyone wants to get high, some people just want to get better.

Will I get addicted to CBD?

There is no evidence that CBD is habit forming, therefore no reason for concern with addiction. In fact a recent study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, led by Yasmin Hurd, further demonstrates the ability of CBD to reduce cravings in people with heroin drug addiction. Results demonstrate reduction in anxiety as well as reduction in heart rate and cortisol which is the “stress hormone”. The effects on the intervention were visible as soon as one hour after administration of CBD and were still visible up to one week after the intervention. 

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We promise to always be responsible, reliable and trustworthy.

100% USA Made

From how our hemp is grown, extracted and emulsified, to the packaging and assembly process, we control the quality at every step.


RIP N SIP is built with superior quality and convenience in mind. Take Rip N Sip CBD anywhere, and mix it with anything.

Eco Friendly

Growing our own hemp, avoiding wasteful packaging and no bulky products to transport, we are truly invested in ensuring Rip N Sip is eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable. 

How much CBD should I take?

This is the number one question when it comes to CBD, and it’s the reason we created Rip N Sip CBD. We eliminated the confusion and hesitation that makes CBD so mystifying to the average person. No measuring. No guessing. No worries, just rip, mix, n’ enjoy. We recommend starting with one pre-measured 20mg packet per day. Note: CBD will not make you intoxicated so you can take 2 or 3 if you want.

What does CBD taste like?

Raw CBD is very bitter. Luckily we found a way to eliminate that bitterness. In fact, Rip N Sip CBD is neutral-flavored. This allows you to mix CBD into any drink without impacting the taste.

What makes rip n sip different?

In two words – emulsion technology. It might sound intimidating, or scientific but it’s just a fancy way of saying that we use science and technology to convert our CBD from a hydrophobic oil, to a water soluble liquid with a particular attraction to H20. 

Why would we want to do that?

Your mouth and digestive tract are watery places, and oil and water don’t mix. When you swallow a “standard” CBD oil, it forms clusters of oil with CBD hidden inside leaving it virtually inaccessible and difficult for your body to efficiently digest.

How does emulsion technology work? 

In short, emulsion technology encapsulates oil and offers the desired balance of solubility. This method of preventing oil from clustering together allows Rip N Sip to become a water soluble liquid that seamlessly blends with water.

What are the benefits of doing this?

The reason this is beneficial to you, is because your body has a much easier time absorbing CBD oil when it’s paired with emulsion technology, and because water soluble liquids help your body alleviate the filtration process. This means:

    • A substantially quicker onset time. Typically ±15 minutes
    • Enhanced absorption 
    • You get more bang for your buck
    • RIP N SIP allows you to enjoy CBD with any drink, anywhere, any time
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