CBD Isolate 20mg | 10 Pack

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Content: 10 x 20 mg CBD servings
Potency: 200 mg / Box

RIP N SIP’s neutral-flavored liquid CBD offers you the flexibility of seamlessly mixing CBD with any beverage hot or cold, without impacting the taste, so you can truly savor your CBD.

Coming in pre-measured, portable packets RIP N SIP takes the guesswork out of CBD – not only making it extremely easy to use, but also super convenient for taking on the go. No mess, no measuring, no unpleasant taste.

  • Water soluble CBD with rapid onset time + enhanced absorption
  • Third-party lab tested for potency + purity
  • Zero THC + zero high
  • All natural ingredients + no preservatives
  • Zero sugar + keto friendly
  • Vegan + gluten free
  • Proudly 100% USA Made

* Only available in the USA.

Additional Info


RIP N SIP is formulated to help support

  • focus
  • calmness / relaxation
  • healthy sleep cycles
  • recovery from exercise induced inflammation

This is the easy part – simply rip it, mix it, n’ sip it!

But seriously though, RIP N SIP is designed to fit in with your lifestyle. You can literally mix it into anything – your morning coffee, pre-yoga smoothie, post-workout protein shake, or if you’re feeling adventurous mix one in your beer, cocktail, or even champaign. Just rip, mix, n’ sip.


Water, Natural Flavors, MCT Oil, Hemp Extract, Citric Acid


Common Questions

How much CBD should I take?

This is the number one question when it comes to CBD, and it’s the reason we created Rip N Sip CBD. We eliminated the confusion and hesitation that makes CBD so mystifying to the average person. No measuring. No guessing. No worries, just rip, mix, n’ enjoy. We recommend starting with one pre-measured 20mg packet per day. Note: CBD will not make you intoxicated so you can take 2 or 3 if you want.

What does CBD taste like?

Raw CBD is very bitter. Luckily we found a way to eliminate that bitterness. In fact, Rip N Sip CBD is neutral-flavored. This allows you to mix CBD into any drink without impacting the taste.

What makes rip n sip different?

In two words – emulsion technology. It might sound intimidating, or scientific but it’s just a fancy way of saying that we use science and technology to convert our CBD from a hydrophobic oil, to a water soluble liquid with a particular attraction to H20. 

Why would we want to do that?

Your mouth and digestive tract are watery places, and oil and water don’t mix. When you swallow a “standard” CBD oil, it forms clusters of oil with CBD hidden inside leaving it virtually inaccessible and difficult for your body to efficiently digest.

How does emulsion technology work? 

In short, emulsion technology encapsulates oil and offers the desired balance of solubility. This method of preventing oil from clustering together allows Rip N Sip to become a water soluble liquid that seamlessly blends with water.

What are the benefits of doing this?

The reason this is beneficial to you, is because your body has a much easier time absorbing CBD oil when it’s paired with emulsion technology, and because water soluble liquids help your body alleviate the filtration process. This means:

    • A substantially quicker onset time. Typically ±15 minutes
    • Enhanced absorption 
    • You get more bang for your buck
    • RIP N SIP allows you to enjoy CBD with any drink, anywhere, any time

We made CBD convenient

and easy to add to any drink


RIP N SIP is precisely measured & contains 20mg of CBD.


RIP N SIP is taste free, so you can drink what you love + add CBD.

ALL Natural

RIP N SIP never contains artificial ingredients or preservatives.


Each batch of RIP N SIP is 3rd party tested & certified.


23 reviews for CBD Isolate 20mg | 10 Pack

  1. Nikki H. (verified owner)

    It’s been three weeks since I have been consistently using RIP N SIP.

    I wanted to take my time before leaving a review because I needed to feel the benefit of the product & how it would suit my lifestyle.

    There are many CBD products out there, but many disappoint. Not the case here.

    I have noticed a significant decrease in aches/pain. There is a heightened sense of relaxation, but still have energy to cruise through my day.

    Taking it at night allows my body to just hover ever so lightly in my bed. Waking up feeling refreshed & not (for lack of better words) foggy.

    After my morning surf session, I mix it up in my coffee & head to work… fully functioning. It helps me to glide through my day with a clear mind.

    Sometimes I just have some fun and mix it into a few recipes.

    RIP N SIP hit the nail on the head with this product. I have recommended it to a few people out of a place of pure enjoyment of the product and would strongly encourage you to try it for yourself.

    RIP N SIP offers a superior product that works. TheIr customer service only makes their product that much more superior than others on the market. Mahalo!

  2. Tim Liu (verified owner)

    Awesome CBD product! Mixes well with any beverage, and there’s no taste at all. Definitely recommend it.

  3. Amanda D. (store manager)

    Love Rip-N-Sip CBD! It’s a perfect dose every time!

  4. Michael

    This is a trustworthy product. I’ve used other CBDs and this one ranks as the highest. I simply drop a dose in my morning sparkling water and off I go. At night it a dose goes into my evening tea. No sugar is a bonus! I love that it is pure. Also, the customer service at Rip N Sip is top notch.

  5. Keith Gittens-Jones (verified owner)

    I love the convenience of Rip N Sip CBD. Having the exact dose in a pre-measured packet is awesome. This CBD mixes well with all kinds of drinks. I have mixed into teas, Kool-Aid, and health smoothies. I have not felt groggy or had any adverse reactions to Rip N Sip CBD. I whole heartedly endorse this product.

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